Camp Hollywood 2020 is canceled – boo

Virtual Camp Hollywood is on – yay

Options for current pass holders

Registered for competitions? Believe it or not, we are going to try to run them online. See below.

Despite our hopes to the contrary, it has become clear that there is simply no way to safely run a high-contact large event any time in the near future, therefore we’ve made the painful decision to cancel Camp Hollywood 2020. This is not only emotionally devastating for us and we know for many of you in the swing community, but also financially devastating as my family lives entirely off of the proceeds of Camp Hollywood and has since 1999. Since March I have been in the process of taking out a second mortgage on my home and arranging any government loans I can get, but this is all debt that will drastically alter my family’s future as I struggle to start paying it all back. It will take many years to recover from this. We know that many of you out there are suffering, too, so we would like to offer a variety of options for weekend passes purchased between 2/1/2020 and today; please email us at for information if you have not already received a cancellation email from us.

HOWEVER…we don’t intend to leave your Labor Day Weekend a gaping void in your life. We are currently in the process of formulating an ambitious virtual Camp Hollywood to be run more or less on our normal schedule. This event will include classes from your CH 2020 instructors, DJs from around the world, appearances from our scheduled bands, and contests. Yes, contests*. While this event will be free for all, it also comes with a considerable cost to make sure our instructors and staff get paid, so we will be running it as a telethon with links for donations. If you’re planning on popping in, please consider donating, especially if you’ve already been issued a refund.

*Contests, you say? How-what-when? Here’s the deal. We believe with some modifications, most of our regularly scheduled contests can still happen – it all depends on you. Do you have a dance partner that you live with or can safely meet with this summer? Do you still want to be in your registered contests? We will gauge interest based on your responses. If you do not want to participate or cannot safely participate, we are happy to refund your contest fees or transfer them to the next event. But if you’re intrigued, here’s what we’re thinking:

We plan to run spotlight, finals-only versions of the following:

Amateur Lindy

Amateur Classic Lindy

Open Lindy

Open Classic Lindy


Amateur Balboa

Open Balboa

Amateur Showcase

Open Showcase

Student Team

Open Team

Solo Team

Switch Contest

How they will work: For all contests where we supply music (ie everything except Teams or Showcase) we will send you your contest music, you will video tape yourselves and send to us, we will edit the clips together in a row. Then at the scheduled contest time, we will run the event live for audience and judges, who will then submit their scores to our tabulator. At the end of the weekend we will have a virtual awards ceremony and mail out awards to you. Showcase couples can just submit videos of their routines. We have reached out to the Team leaders to see if they can safely do virtual recordings of their teams and submit them. Since this is all unchartered territory, we want to stress that, more than ever, these contests are meant to be for fun, to keep people engaged, and give everyone something to strive for and look forward to. Everyone will have different tech capabilities at home, everyone is out of practice, and everyone will have access to the music in advance so it won’t be as spontaneous as we’re used to, and we get that. This isn’t going to be about who makes the most clever video but who dances the best. We’ll need no less than three but no more than 10-12 couples in each division to make them viable for online presentation. If you did not get to sign up for contests but would like to try these online versions, contact us! Let us know BY JULY 1st if you’re planning on competing.  It could be some weird fun, and we’re all about that.