Here is a list of most frequently asked questions about Camp Hollywood.  If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please e-mail us at, we’ll be glad to help!

1. Can I buy a day pass for classes or an individual class?

No, sorry.  In order to take classes you do need to be a weekend pass holder.

2. What class level should I sign up for?

We have eliminated the need to register for a specific level in advance, due to having learned from the past few years that the vast majority of people prefer to take a combination of Intermediate and Intermediate Plus, or would like to drop to beginner to take a beginning Balboa class, etc.  We can tell you that the Beginner track is progressive, so we recommend staying with this track for the most consistency.  Also the new Audition track which has the weekend’s most challenging material requires a try out judged by instructors during the first class time of the weekend (9 AM Saturday).

3. What if I want to do everything BUT the classes at the camp (ie, spectate the daytime contests, attend evening dances, etc)?

We recommend you buy our “Party Pass” now which gets entrance to all events if you don’t want to take classes.  You can add a contest at any time to this pass if you decide to be a competitor, but be aware that some contests will be full before the camp weekend (Amateur Mix & Match, Showcase, Am Classic and Am Lindy are likely to be full).

4. What is your refund policy (this question applies to years other than 2022 – due to the uncertain times, for 2022 we are offering no-fee refunds at any time)?

No refunds offered after July 31st of that camp year.  Passes can be refunded prior to August 1st subject to a $25 fee per pass refunded
Pass transfers – you may also transfer your pass to someone else subject to a $20 fee (be sure to notify us so we can change the name on the door list). Either party may pay the fee – name will not be transferred until payment is made (please contact for details)
You may also keep your pass for 2021 with no fees involved. Again please notify us so we can add you to next year’s list. If you cannot use or transfer your pass for the following year, you forfeit that pass
Contest fees (not weekend or party passes – we mean Team fees, Mix & Match fees or couples contest fees) can be refunded up until the Monday before the camp weekend – once the event is underway we will be unable to refund your contest fees if you find you are unable to compete
Contest fees cannot be transferred to following years

Please note that pass downgrades from full weekend to party pass for a refund are no longer allowed

5.  I am planning on chaperoning a minor during Camp Hollywood, how does this work?

We allow one chaperone per minor, e-mail us for details.

6. What is included in the weekend pass rate?

All events – so, all classes, evening dances, contest spectating, after hours, etc.  Not included are meals, hotel rooms, and contest fees if you’re planning on competing.

7. I want to watch my friend/relative in a contest, what does this cost?

It depends on when the contest occurs – we have daytime contest spectating tickets and evening dance tickets in the “registration” section.  If you need help, shoot us an e-mail!

8. I can’t check in Friday night, when are your check in times?

Check in and new camp sign ups go on throughout the weekend.  We start check in at 5 PM Friday evening and then again at 8 AM Saturday morning.

9. What do I do if the hotel says it’s full or the rate isn’t available?

E-mail us at, we may be able to add rooms for you!

10. How do I contact someone if I start experiencing COVID symptoms during the event, have a medical issue, or see something unsafe or concerning during the event?

Please call our Safety Hotline at 818-732-0363. If it is a hotel-related issue, please contact hotel staff.