How do our class tracks work?

In order to attend classes you do need to be a full weekend pass holder (no party passes allowed) – with the exception of the Music Track.

The Beginner Track is progressive, especially on Saturday. It is aimed at brand new dancers who have never had Lindy Hop (or possibly any) dance lessons. You may find yourself a bit lost if you have to miss the first two lessons on Saturday.

The Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Solo and Bonus Tracks can be flowed to freely throughout the weekend (you do not have to stick with any one track unless you want to).

The Audition Track is for the event’s top level dancers who would like focused, advanced material. Auditions will be held during the first hour of classes on Saturday – see schedule for details (coming soon).

The Solo Track focuses on movement, line dances, solo routines and technique not requiring partners.

The Music Track is for music enthusiasts and musicians alike, see descriptions. You may be a full weekend or party pass holder to attend these classes.